Our Process

Preparing for Painting

We start by removing furniture and smaller items. Furniture that remains in the area (heavy or difficult to move pieces etc.) will be covered with plastic, or with clean interior drop-cloths to protect your valuables from dust and paint. We protect your floors with top quality drop cloths. Separate drop-cloths are used for interior painting.

Door knobs, electrical switches and outlet covers are removed or masked for protection. Thermostats are protected with masking tape and flaking paint is scraped and sanded prior to starting to paint. Additionally, holes and cracks are patched with interior grade spackle and cracks in corners, baseboards or moldings are caulked with acrylic caulking. We sand patched areas with fine sandpaper and spot-prime the patched area after sanding.

The Painting Begins

Quality paint is applied carefully following the manufacturer's recommendations. We apply one, two or more coats as necessary, with sufficient drying time between coats. We ensure there is sufficient ventilation throughout the entire home during the painting process.

Clean-up After Painting

Masking tape and drop cloths are removed, your floors are swept or vacuumed, and all furniture and hardware is carefully placed back in their original places. All garbage, tools and equipment from the job are carefully removed.

Inspection After Clean-up

After we finish our clean-up, our painters carefully inspect the painted area for any imperfections and you are invited to check the area with our project manager. After you have inspected the work, a completion and feedback form are then submitted and we let you enjoy your newly painted project.

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